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Frequently Asked Questions

That’s a tough question to answer as everyone is a little different in how they skate and how they care for their skates.


FIGURE SKATERS for example are typically very protective of their blades. You rarely see a competitive figure skater walking on their blades, as they usually have skate guards on. Many figure skaters can get 15 to 20 hours or more from their blades.

HOCKEY PLAYERS on the other hand subject their blades to the worst conditions with collisions and heavy stops, they typically need a sharpening every 4 to 8 hours.

RECREATIONAL SKATERS are somewhere in between. We find most recreational skaters can get 10 to 20 hours of skating between sharpening if they wipe their blades after use and store them carefully.

The Short Answer is YES!. However Some recreational skates now do come pre-sharpened from the factory. We still recommend getting a professional sharpening done to your preferred RoH or FBV cut to improve your skating experience.

we can sharpen both Radius of Hollow (RoH) which is conventional and Flat Bottom V (FBV) hollows. we offer 1, 5/8, 1/2 and 3/8 inch Radius of Hollow and In a FBV Cut we offer 90/50, 90/75, 100/50 and 100/75 cuts. Other hollows and cuts are available upon request.

We offer mobile skate sharpening to large groups, hockey teams and tournaments. If you are interested in us for mobile sharpening for your team, group or tournament. Please Contact Us

The radius of hollow and FBV cuts recommended are usually 1/2 for skaters in RoH and 100/50 in FBV for goalies they are typically 5/8 or 90/50. However the right hollow or cut typically is determined by a number of factors including ice conditions, players weight and skating style. the RoH and FBV’s mentioned above are generally a good starting point for most skaters.

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